Delicious, protein-enriched treats

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Chocolate Chip Cookies


Our best-selling cookies! With these tasty treats, we’ve given everyone’s favorite sweet snack a nutritional upgrade. Grain-free and packed with good stuff like coconut oil, coconut sugar and dark chocolatey chips to please kids ages 2 to 102.

Chocolate Cardamom Cookies


These sophisticated cookies satisfy your sweet tooth, your conscience and your nutritional needs with cocoa powder, cardamom and coconut oil. Perfect to treat yourself post-workout or as an afternoon snack.

Orange Ginger Cookies


Our citrus-kissed spin on the classic ginger snap, this cookie is spicy, sweet and a little bit sassy. As always, baked with coconut oil, sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar–and hopped up with cricket flour.

Bitty Baking Flour



Make your own high-protein creations with our grain-free baking flour. Our proprietary cricket flour blend is Paleo-friendly and specially formulated to help you whip up delicious, perfectly textured cookies, muffins, quick-breads and pancakes.

Note: If you are allergic to shellfish, you may also be sensitive to crickets and should not consume cricket-flour products.